Wedding Photos: Rainy Day Backup Plan

June 15
Wedding Photos: Rainy Day Backup Plan

Wedding Photos: Rainy Day Backup Plan


Is the big day coming up? Do you find yourself obsessively checking The Weather Network hoping to find the little sun icon instead of the scary little rain cloud? Don’t fret - there's no need to let a little drizzle get you down, we’ve got the tips to ensure you still get your fantastic wedding photo’s even if the rain clouds are drifting in!


Location! Location! Location!

Planning out your wedding photo locations ahead of time will be a major relief on the big day! Also, arranging a few backup locations in case it does rain will be a game-saver that you will be glad you planned for. Talk to your photographer and venue about alternative photo-taking locations in case of rain. Your venue will most likely have some great indoor suggestions on-site or nearby. Your photographer might also have some creative location ideas and may be familiar with your location and can recommend some creative sheltered options.


Under My Umbrella Ella Ella

If you’re concerned about the weather affecting your pictures, grab some umbrellas and have fun with them! Clear umbrellas look great in photo’s and won’t take the attention away from you and your wedding party. If it’s an especially grey and gloomy day ( or if your wedding theme is more on the neutral side) having umbrellas as bonus-props can be an amazing way to add in some pops of colour! If you're thinking of having umbrella’s for your wedding party, you don’t necessarily need to have one for each person - often times pairs of two can share one umbrella.


Rainy Weather = Beautiful Photo’s

You’ll hear this quite a bit if there’s a chance that there might be rain on your wedding day - and it’s true! Photographers often prefer the lighting during inclement weather, it makes for beautiful pictures. You don’t have to deal with blinding sunlight and a squinting wedding party in photos.  


Be Prepared:

Makeup setting spray, bobby pins and hairspray might end up being your best friend! If you’re concerned about the rain ruining your hair and makeup on your wedding day, ask your makeup artist to have some on hand and spritz your makeup with a few extra sprays - it really does make a difference in keeping everything in place. Pack some cotton swabs, hair spray, bobby pins and touch up makeup and ask a bridesmaid, family member or friend to help touch up after photos.


Have Fun With It!

Don’t let the weather ruin your day if it does end up raining on the big day - have fun with it!  Just like every aspect of your wedding, encounter every little roadblock with an open mind - the weather is no exception to this! A little rain should not be enough to ruin a day that you’ve put so much work into… be optimistic and roll with it! Get the wedding party together, grab some rain boots, and make the most out of it! It will be a great story to tell later on.


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