Are You Forgetting Anything?

July 6
Are You Forgetting Anything?

The countdown to your big day is on! With so much on the go, and so many last minute tasks and preparations to do - it is easy to let a few things slip through the cracks! This handy last-minute-list may be able to help you check everything off your to-do list:


Touch Base With Your Vendors

Communication is key with your vendors, so be sure to let them know exactly what is expected of them on your wedding day - and they can do the same for you! Coordinate and arrange schedules, and be sure they all have exact directions and the go-to persons contact number.


Prepare Final Payments

The sooner you can clear up all payments, the better. Make a day out of it during the week of your wedding! You and your fiance can grab lunch and hit-up every vendor who you're still owing. And, if you aren't able to reach every single vendor, make absolutely sure to bring all the cash, and cheques you need with you on your wedding day! (Don't forget tips!)


Send Out Lodging Info

Most facilities will do so for you, if you provide them with you guest list. But if you have chosen to be in charge of this task, be sure to do so early enough ahead of time!


Dress Cleaning + Alterations

Be sure to allow time for your dress to get its final touches and stitches - this step is especially important for heirloom gowns!


When Are The Gowns Going?

Figure out how to get your gown, and your bridesmaids' dresses, to your location - they will not just magically appear! This is extra important if all of the dresses are currently in one location, and are one person's responsibility. It is easiest to either have everyone bring their own dresses individually, or arrange for them all to be delivered before-hand so that they are there waiting for you!


Don't Get Caught In The Rain

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, have umbrellas or tents available to set up in case of rain, or have an alternate location available.


Photographer Meet-up

It's always nice to have one last talk with your photographer before the big day, so that they are completely sure of how you want your day to be captured. Make sure they know the schedule, who you would specifically like to be caught on film, and any photography ideas you have in mind! 


Thank You's

Purchase thank-you gifts for your parents to give to them the morning of your wedding. Its an intimate and personal way to thank them for all their work - and they deserve it!


Does The Shoe Fit?

Practice wearing your wedding shoes before your wedding day, if they feel tight, wear them with fairly heavy socks (remind bridesmaids of this, to!). 


Most Important Meal Of The Day

It may turn out to be your only meal! Enjoy a light snack before you leave for the ceremony, and if you don't think you have time for breakfast - double up! Have brunch with your bridesmaids while you get ready. Brides often forget to eat, and many never even get to taste the food at their own reception! Take the time before your big day starts to ensure you at least get one meal.


Roles & Responsibilities

Assign certain tasks and responsibilities to your wedding party and your family. Appoint someone the role of helping transport gifts, guest books, etc, from the reception, and there should be one person in charge of vendor communication! 


Vows & Speeches

Double-check and re-read! Make sure you have included everything you want to say, and everyone you want to mention. 


Emergency Kit 

So many little messes can turn up during your wedding day - be prepared for anything and everything with a Wedding Day Emergency Kit! (If you're looking for some tips... click here!) 


Self Care

One of the most important tasks, but one that is usually overlooked - take some time for yourself! You've had a busy, stressful time planning this wedding. Take a few minutes to yourself during the week of your wedding... whether that's a trip to the spa, a facial, a massage, or even just taking a few bubble baths. You've earned it!


Be Honeymoon Ready, Early! 

You'll need to pack both a Wedding Night Away Bag, for your wedding evening, as well as the bag for your honeymoon! Try your best to not procrastinate this task until the last minute, that way you'll be less likely to forget some things!


Last But Not Least...

Get a good night sleep before the wedding; you'll be happy you did!


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